Our Telecommunication Services

National Telecommunication Corporation floated a tender in December 2001 for establishment of services:

    • International connectivity.
    • Pre-paid Calling Card service.
    • Payphone system through joint venture.

Zahra Communications was one of the 2 companies to be awarded this contract on 22.4.2002, for ten years with an option to extend it by 5 more years with mutual consent.

Zahra Established its international gateway switch and calling card platform in Karachi in October 2002 and started trial termination of International traffic in November 2002.

In January 2003 the operations of Zahra were suspended due to PTCL/NTC rivalry and interpretation of NTC license due to the newly deregulated environment finally PTA and the Ministry of Information technology and Telecom ruling in favor of NTC with minor adjustments in the contract.

The operations were resumed in August 2004.

    • International connectivity
    • The company has established one 32E1 gateway in Karachi, presently is terminating over 10 million minutes/month just from the Karachi operations.
    • Calling card
    • The company has been allocated access No: 1291 for its calling card operations and the equipment is under testing phase. It has submitted its marketing plan to the NTC and is waiting for approval of the submitted tariffs.
    • Pay Phone
    • Equipment approval awaiting from NTC.
    • International connectivity
    • Incoming Traffic
    • The company plans to establish more gateway One in Islamabad and Lahore each and take its international incoming traffic to 90 million minutes /month, by giving interconnects with major carriers.
    • Outbound Traffic
    • NTC has 200000 minutes/month of outbound International traffic with launching of calling cards and pay phones this traffic will substantially increase.
    • Calling card
    • Pakistan is still a virgin market with only 8 companies offering calling cards to a population of 140 millions.
      Zahra has formed a very aggressive marketing and sales strategy and intends to capture only 10% of the Rs.40 billion market and expanding.
      The card will be launched by 1st January2006, with the NTC Brand name and logo. It should not be a difficult task as after privatization it is the only fully government owned company.
    • Pay phones
    • The company intends to install 5000 (five thousand) pay phones on edge, as preference would be given in all government building. The company is also looking to employ the SIP technology on these pay phones.
Advantages of NTC:

NTC has telephone exchanges in all major cities of Pakistan, NTC plans expanding to all District Headquarters as mandated by their memorandum.

NTC has fiber backbone through out Pakistan, hence no investment needed in infrastructure.

Zahra holds first right to lease access capacity in all NTC exchanges. It only needs to provide last mile solution.