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Zahra Communications (Pvt) Ltd was founded in 2002 under Companies Ordinance 1984, Zahra is a General Trading firm that serves international corporations and government clients. The firm’s areas of expertise include General Trading, Agriculture Machinery, information technology & telecommunication and technology management..

Zahra has installed an international gateway switch and calling card platform in Karachi in October 2002 for its Government client National Telecommunication Corporation and successfully operated.

Zahra is also registered with SUPARCO in the field technology management, construction, chemicals etc; and has acquired good space in the field of services, supplies.

Zahra’s head office is situated at 503 Marine Point DC-1, Block-9 Clifton Karachi, Pakistan. it operates additional offices in Karachi and Hyderabad. Zahra has imported, installed and operated High efficiency Irrigation Systems in Sindh under Sindh Government’s Pilot Project for promotion of water conservation Technologies. Zahra also prequalified and ranked no. 4 in Federal Government’s MINFAL Project for High Efficiency Irrigation Systems.

Zahra is also working in the field of Construction and has acquired considerable projects of enhancement and expansion of NED University of Engineering and Technology, besides, a project for “FEASIBILITY STUDY OF DESALINATION PLANTS USING ALTERNATE ENERGY IN SINDH” is also being done, these projects are being executed through Zahra’s Sister concern Wadood Engineering Services.

Zahra is Local representative of T & L Irrigation Company United States of America, and M/S Ajay Industrial Corporation India (Specialized in drip Irrigation Systems)

tr About T & L Irrigation Company

(T-L is major manufacturer of hydraulically powered pivot irrigation systems that undergo thousands of hours of product research and testing for quality and performance.

T-L’s Hydraulic drive offers many features not available on electric pivots. Unlike the stop and go action of electric models, each tower on a T-L system moves continuously. This is especially beneficial on low-pressure systems where uniform water application is critical for irrigation-applied fertilizer, herbicides and pesticides. Chances of a T-L tower getting stuck are reduced because of the improved traction that continuous movement provides on wet, rough terrain. A constant smooth rate of travel also reduces wear on all drive components, while eliminating the wasteful power surge required to get a stopped tower moving again.

There is no wasted horsepower with a T-L because the power required to run the pump varies directly with the rotation time of the pivot. All T-L irrigation systems utilize non Toxic Hydro clear “hydraulic fluid with a additive package specially designed to provide superior wear protection. The filtered hydraulic system assures long life.

T-L’s Hydraulic pump can be powered by any convenient power source. You can control your rotation speed and direction with two simple hydraulic valves. With years of filed proven operation, the manual speed and direction control option is the industry’s simplest, most reliable management tool, and features independent forward, reverse, and auxiliary speed setting by field position from the control panel. The pivot can also be stopped or reversed at predetermined positions. This control has the major features of the TLC pivot Manager without the complexity of computer programming. The Pivot speed can also be controlled from the pivot point or remote locations other than the end tower. The next generation of computerized pivot management from T-L reports operational performance, controls multiple system outputs, provides readings for water and hydraulic pressures, monitor’s speed, sets a watering schedule and more. T-L remote monitor can be utilized on all T-L management Systems. Communication can be designed with a cellular or radio connection to fit your specific requirements.

T-L offers two most efficient drive systems, worm gear or planetary. Both offer continuous movement and have no exposed, moving parts. T-L Planetary and worm gears are totally enclosed and they are coupled directly to the hydraulic motor eliminating a centre drive gear. Conventional U-Joints and other exposed moving parts are not part of the T-L design. Motor and gear drives are easily accessible in the event service is ever required.)

Zahra has also made an excellent understanding and with M/S Ajay Industrial Corporation who is the big manufacturers of drip irrigation systems. Zahra Intends to introduce drip irrigation system in Pakistan.

tr About Ajay Industrial Corporation

Established in 1961, Ajay Industrial Corporation is the leading manufacturer and pioneer in extrusion of thermoplastics-Rigid PVC pipes upto 250 mm dia, Casing and strainers upto 250 mm dia, Polyester Fiber Reinforced Lay Flat Hoses upto 6 inches dia, PVC Nylon Braided Hoses, Garden Hoses, Decorative Shower Tubing, Drip Micro And Landscape Irrigation Systems. The company is the largest manufacturer and exporter of Handpumps, producing India Mark II , India Mark III (VLOM), India Mark III Modified ( 50 mm OTC), India mark II Extra Deepwell Handpump, Afridev Deepwell Handpump, Tara Direct Action Shallow Well Handpump, Force-lift Handpump, Treadle pump and other tailor made handpumps as per customer requirement. Our manufacturing unit is accredited with ISO-9002 Certification and was the first unit of its kind to have achieved it.

Sophisticated manufacturing facilities with more than 300 workers backed by latest technologies and stringent Quality Control Systems have enabled over half a million pumps to work satisfactorily in more than 45 countries. Major export destinations have been Mongolia, Benin, Malawi, Zambia, Zimbabwe, Botswana, Mozambique, Lesotho, Djibouti, Ethiopia, Sudan, Kenya, Uganda, Rwanda, Tanzania, Somalia, Angola, Namibia, South Africa Nigeria, Ghana, Ivory coast, Egypt, Cameroon, Morocco, Senegal, Verde Island, Burkina Faso, Belize, Denmark, USA, Peru, Indonesia, Cambodia, Thailand, Lao PDR, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Sri Lanka , France etc.

Our Company has been the holder of exclusive rate contracts with reputed organizations for many years for the supply of Deepwell handpumps and their spare parts and has also been approved by UNICEF & UNDP. The whole range of India mark II Handpumps are marked with ISI mark under license from Bureau of Indian Standards (BIS).

Ajay Industrial Corporation is the proud bearer of "SGS Gold Commerce Seal" awarded by SGS on SITE. Rating service, SGS Socíété Générale de Surveillance SA.

Ajay Industrial Corporation itself is a largest manufacturer and supplier of Drip Micro Irrigation Systems, Landscape and Rain Gun Irrigation systems in Northern India, some of the products are being manufactured under collaboration with M/s. Telsco Industries Inc, USA.

The entire systems are manufactured under one roof with state- of- art technology. Our PVC Pipes, Laterals, Screen Filters and Emitters are ISI marked. All our products meet International standards.

The company also manufactures and enjoys a significant market share in Rigid UPVC Pipes, Casing/Strainers and Ribbed Well Screens. Along with Rigid PVC items, AJAY also manufactures Flexible Transparent PVC tubing, Garden Hoses, Polyester Fiber Reinforced Lay Flat Hoses in technical tie-up with M/s Industrie Plastiche Lombarde S.R.L, Italy.

The company has already started the commercial production at its most sophisticated plant at Dehradun, Uttaranchal for the manufacturing of CPVC pipes under Licence from NOVEON U.S.A. The product is being marked under the Brand name Flow Guard of the above U.S. Company.


Zahra has a sister concern namely M/S wadood engineering services, which is operating in the field of Construction. It has recently acquired three mega construction projects in NED University of Engineering and technology and one project form Government of Sindh on “STUDY FOR FEASIBILITY FOR INSTALLATION OF DESALINATION PLANTS FOR BRACKISH WATER USING ALTERNATE ENERGY” All the projects are in progress.

Brief profile of Zahra’s sister concern “WADOOD ENGINEERING SERVICES” is attached separately.

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